Hakuho-Do + Sephora Kanpeki Brush Set

The Hakuho-Do + Sephora Kanpeki Perfecting Brush Set has the most beautiful illustration on the front.  I actually looked it up because I loved it so much! The limited edition set includes six brushes, all handmade using a technique from Japan that is 200 years old.

The contents are as follows:

  • Small teardrop pointed highlighter 
  • Wedge sloping powder brush 
  • Large teardrop pointed powder brush 
  • Fan cheek brush 
  • Angled concealer brush 
  • Crease brush 
  • Keepsake box 

The brushes are made from an “innovative synthetic bristle material…that creates a softer, fluffier feel with actual bounce while retaining the benefits of synthetic bristles. As a result, these brushes are soft as cashmere, yet deposit more product onto the face due to less absorption and are more hygienic than natural hair.”

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