Spring 2016 – Revlon (Various)

Apparently there are new Revlon goodies at Bed, Bath & Beyond (I haven’t seen them myself, though I was just in one, but Miss. BudgetBeautyBlog has!)  If you have a Harmon attached to your BBB, you may get lucky…because at Harmon, you will ALWAYS find new product launches in advance of full roll outs.

The first item is a Foundation and Concealer 2-in-1 pairing, in one compact, from the Colorstay category.  Anything that’s easy to use on the go and promises longer wear is A-ok by me!

The second “item” is more like a collection – a full Mascara Bar to be exact.  We’ve seen the Ultimate All-In-One from a variety of bloggers already, but there are indeed an additional four new formulas:

  • Ultra Volume
  • Super Length
  • Volume + Length Magnified
  • Dramatic Definition

Take a look at the link above for trials and comments! 🙂 

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