Spring 2016 – L’oreal

BudgetBeautyBlog posted some great info and images of the up-and-coming L’oreal goodies, all of which appear to be launching in February 2016.

You can find my post about the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion here, which will be launching in 12 shades, and you can see more images and notes from the link above… 

The Infallible Pro-Contour Contour & Highlight Palette is next up, coming in three shades.  I’ll be honest, the image doesn’t wow me too much…I feel like they are late to the contour party.  There, I said it!  Anyway…  The compact appears to have a contour shade, and highlight shade…and a likely a sponge or brush for application (as many other compacts of this ilk from L’Oreal.)

There will be 15 shades of ColourRiche eyeshadows…and they look like they are pigment dense, based on one of the blogger’s swatches… As well as 10 Pro Matte Infallible Glosses (which may, or may not be, a re-promote from 2015’s Spring lineup.)

And there will even be new haircare…which, despite the ARSENAL of products I own, I am excited for!  The one shown in her post is an Oil Shampoo for dry and lifeless hair in need of nourishment – it’s loaded with some powerhouse ingredients (curious to see where they fall on the actual ingredient list, of course!)  I am betting there will be a few more items in the haircare division, as they never really launch just one… But then, perhaps it is just an extension of the Extraordinary Oil series for now.

Lots of newness, which is always exciting each season… I promise myself I won’t get anything else because WHY do I need it?! (I DON’T!)…  But it is such fun!!!

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