Seeing Stars – Paris Fashion Week

Somehow a rouge photographer managed to capture Caroline de Maigret as the light was catching the stars on her Anthony Vaccarello top… Nevermind all the hubbub and craziness of the Paris runway shows, someone got this photo just right – it’s happy, windswept, glamorous and laissez-faire all at once. image image

I of course ADORE black – that just goes without saying.  But this black is spiced up just enough.  It’s sassy but not over-the-top by any means, and manages a level of sophistication without being showy.

The price…well…that IS over the top, sad to say – $1,645 for a wool-blend shirt is asking rather a lot.  But I suppose if I had it, maybe…  

Net-A-Porter image

Net-A-Porter image

Or maybe I’ll hold on to a hope of finding this at a vintage shop, as if it would ever be casually passed by.  (If a light in the store hit just right,  you’d be seeing stars enough you’d probably walk out with it.  But then…it would only be $29.99, right?)

Right? …?


Anyway, I loved the photo so much that I looked up the shirt too!  It would look amazing with skinny black jeans and my pointy, Italian-lasted cowboy boots…  I’m just saying…

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