Fresh Cocoa Does A Body Good

I’ve always really liked the brand Fresh, finding their formulas to work nicely for my skin.  I haven’t tried this new body scrub – Cocoa Body Exfoliant – but I LOVE scrubs, so I was eager to check it out.

This product is formulated with crushed cocoa and cocoa butter, as well as coconut shells for natural exfoliation.  The texture is velvety (and looks rather luscious, dare I say edible!) and it boasts a “seductive scent.”

I see the “proof” on the site, though I’d take it with a grain of…er…coconut shell…  Naturally a body scrub will deliver (at least on some level) decreased roughness, overall polished skin, softer touch etc…  That said, I didn’t see any ultra hefty claims so it’s more like “Hi! I’m 240g of cocoa polishing goodness for $45.”  Fair enough.

Since I’m particular about scents…even chocolatey ones…I might want to run by a Sephora and test it out beforehand. But it does look delish!

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