Kiko Power Pro Lacquer

Kiko Milano has new, limited edition shades in the Power Pro Nail Lacquer for the Autumn / Winter season.  



The ten new shades, enhanced with “iridescent pearls,” wear in a satin semi-matte finish and range from professionally-polished, to bold, to full-on edgy.



Per Kiko: 

“Each of the delicate, elegant colours is precisely formulated to maximize the pigments’ application, coverage and performance. Applying the nail lacquer is quick and easy, thanks to the bristle-packed brush. It’s simple to take the perfect amount of product and brush it on the nails without leaving streaks.”

2 thoughts on “Kiko Power Pro Lacquer

    • Thank you so much for sharing your link – such fun videos!!! 😀 (I feel like the younger generations are incredibly adept at making them, whereas I, at 37, am not as facile!) It is, absolutely – a very saturated market. BUT…positivity and good stuff ALWAYS find a way! 🙂 Share as much as possible!:D


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