Jammin’ At The Gym

I know a lot of folks are self-conscious at the gym…but you should ever have to feel that way.

Remember that everyone else has come in to work on themselves (or some aspect of themselves) – so chances are, they are also striving for results of some kind.  

Don’t forget that our goals are individual and we each need to participate in different routines to achieve what we are aiming for.  That may mean commandeering the Captain’s Chair / Pull Up bars and stretching!  It is absolutely NOT what the machine was designed to do but…it works.  And you know what?  I’m gonna use it that way!


Stretching for my sports (Martial Arts), and general health, is incredibly important to me…so if I need a little help to get as far as I need to go, the rest be damned, I’m going full steam ahead (silly looking I may be!) 


You are there for YOU.  So whatever YOU need to accomplish, go ahead and do that.  

If you aren’t sure of something, by all means, ASK!  It’s okay (and frankly respected) to ask – no one there is going to scoff or give you a hard time.  (There is bad form EVERYWHERE, honestly, so also take it with a grain of salt if someone does.)  If someone is in that know-it-all-mode, I’m willing to be they are struggling a bit themselves.  True gym rats and gym bunnies are there to jam…and they fully understand wanting to do it right (read = not get hurt + actually activate the appropriate muscles.) 

So don’t be shy!

Do you’re thing, whether the World is watching or no!  I used to practice my ballroom routines and my father would say “that’s kind of exhibitionist, no?”  And I’d say, “absolutely not, I just don’t give a hoot!”  (I probably used stronger terminology but…you get the drift! 😉 )  That’s what I was there to do.  That was what I NEEDED to do…  And that was what was getting done.  Period.

You can always put your earbuds in an drown out any stares anyway… Good music can take you away…to whatever machine it is you happen to need, even if you aren’t using it exactly as planned! 😉


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