Holiday 2015 – Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen has two sets for Holiday 2015!  Yippee, Lippie!

The first, Lip Parade, includes an iconic red, a sheer wine and a mesmerizing metallic nude,” for a sassy group of three:

– Saint Wine
– Red Sinner
– Nude Metal

The Ice Queen Duo, per the site, includes two perfect pairings: “Ice Queen, the original lip illuminator, and velvety Wine Sinner, a creamily comfortable matte. Worn alone, each lipstick is nothing short of magical but together, your lips are drenched in seductive claret with a luminous kiss of shimmering stardust.”

– Ice Queen
– Wine Sinner

I feel like the packaging really conveys the Autumnal and Wintery spirit… The colors feel very fitting, as well.  Love it, Lipstick Queen!

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