Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette

I’m guessing that some of you are more in the loop than I am, or perhaps online more…so I apologize if ever what I post is “old news” already!  I generally try to write posts – which I love doing! – in advance, and schedule them.  I’m pretty active and I am trying to be better about lessening screen time in the evenings because that’s when my hunnie is home. ❤  

This awesome new Maybelline Gloss Palette has been circulating around a bit – very exciting to see this, as most of the Holiday and Fall palettes have been cheeks or eyes!

@huyenmnguyen shared a lovely photo of the product a few days ago…and it looks wonderful.  Nudes, brights and two vampier hues…it has a lot of looks covered!  (Not to mention all the fun mix and match you can do!) 

I love the add image, despite that the plump and smooth pout is somewhat beyond “natural” parameters.  I’m a wee bit jealous! 😉 

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