Holiday 2015 – The Balm, In “TheBalm” Of Your Hand

The Balm’s Holiday 2015 Palette – In theBalm Of Your Hand –  is one of the least plain-jane that I’ve seen as far as packaging goes.  Frankly, it’s adorable!

The Balm is known for it’s fun designs, and this looks kind of like a little comic book when you open it up.  In fact, it seems to have its own little fold-out deal with it – Les Plus Grand Succes Vol.1.

The products include:

  • 4 perfectly coordinated eyeshadows (Blam Jovi, Shady Lady 1, Shady Lady 2, Nudetude)
  • 3 universal blushes (Hot Mama, Instain, Cabanaboy)
  • A matte bronzer (Bahama Mama)
  • A champagne-hued highlighter (Mary-Lou Manizer)
  • A classic red lip color (TheBalm Girls)
  • A nude lip and cheek cream (How Bout Them Apples)

The hues are all pretty fabulous, and would work on a variety of tones.  It doesn’t feel particularly “Holiday” in the sense of I-have-a-Chirstmas-party-to-attend…but then I suppose a bit of highlight, flushed “in from the cold” cheeks, and a red lip will do!


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