Soap And Glory One Heck Of A Blot

Soap and Glory has a few items in their One Heck Of A Blot lineup.  I  actually am not as familiar with the brand but was excited because of the wonderful comments I came across.

The Blot Powder has gotten GREAT reviews…

Reviews are one of the first things I go to – sometimes a new product sounds AMAZING and I am convinced I’ll love it.  But then I read the reviews!  I love hearing what real ladies have to say about the wear time, and whether or not the product lives up to the often overachieving “claims” list!

One Heck Of A Blot Foundation didn’t have reviews posted as yet, but I had seen  ReallyRee’s review, and the 4.6 on MakeUpAlley for the compact (which isn’t always so common.) The formula “conceals pores, fine lines and redness for perfectly smooth skin (with no ‘cakiness’) for up to 12 hours” – um…that sounds fabulous!  In the USA, I haven’t seen the cosmetics, only the skincare (at the likes of Ulta)…so I enjoyed reading about these.

There is also a primer, which is a step I’d LIKE to be able to use, but haven’t found as helpful.  Many primers (with the possible exception of Bare Minerals new blemish primer with tea tree) tend to either clog my pores, or not live up to the claims as well as the price tag indicates.  No good.

I often will reach for a setting spray if I am really that “in need” instead. Given the reviews on the other two One Heck Of A Blot products, though, it may be worth tracking down other ladies’ trials!  The multi-action primer has “PORE-SHRINK™ Technology to instantly diminish the appearance of pores and SHINE-BLOC™ 12HR Matte Spheres for all-day-shine control.”  Hmm…sounds pretty awesome.


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