Hard Candy Just Glow

So I know I’ve alluded to this before…but I have a thing about glitter… I LOVE glitter and shimmer.  So much so that I want to be a sparkling ninja…  Yes, you read that right.  A ninja who can pull of sparkles.  (It’s possible!)

But when it comes to a “glow”…I want only the “glow” part.  

Angelic, pearlescent, ethereal…

Lit from within, or gleaming radiance…

But no disco glitter

Neither shimmer sparkles nor glinting particles… Puhleeze!

I just.




And you know…it’s remarkably hard to find!  Ask for a matte highlighter, or one without shimmer (something like “jumbo shrimp” in the way of oxymorons, I realize) and you get cross-eyed looks…or flat-out “what?”s. 

“But it’s POSSIBLE,” I protest.  And, thanks to Hard Candy, I can prove it!

Nary a sparkle in sight with this Candle Lit Baked Illuminating Duo!  I am IN LOVE!  I almost bought a second one today – it was actually in my basket! – and I said to myself “seriously?  You don’t wear much EVER, you really think you will get through the one you bought YESTERDAY that fast!?

“But what if I do!?” my brain interjected.  “What if they stop making it!?”

Remarkable the effect favorite products can have on us, isn’t it?! 

Anyway, one of these has a pinky iridescence to it…and the other is just a creamy, bright hue.  It imparts a radiant glow, absolutely, WITHOUT making you look like a disco ball.  It’s subtle enough to wear outside and not feel like someone is staring at your shimmer…but thinking “wow, she really glows” instead.  WAY more of a compliment, don’t we think?

I sure do.

LOVE these two.


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