Color Club Oil Slick

I love snazzy polishes!  For a girl who has gel nails…and does a specific glitter degrade…it’s AMAZING how many polishes I still own!  I generally go for glitter – silver or red – and red solids.  Those are my go-tos.  

But…I saw this new Oil Slick Polish from Color Club and was intrigued!  I love the idea of chrome or metallic, but I find myself disappointed – most of them fail get to “chrome” (which is likely inevitable.)  

The lacquer comes in seven shades, all super slick and sassy!

  • Burnt Out
  • Cash Only
  • Don’t Kale My Vibe
  • Ice Breaker
  • It’s Raining Men
  • Sorry, Not Sorry
  • We’ll Never Be Royals

The formula uses “Trichrom Technology, Color Club’s next Limited Series Microbatch™” which has a radiate-from-within purported glow – sounds pretty awesome to me!  The colors shift, as one would expect with this name, lending a multi-hued effect.

Countless ladies have posted their own swatches, as has the Color Club Nail Lacquer Instagram page – always appreciated, but especially with a product whose color is tough to gauge by the “dots” on the site’s product page.

@colorclubnaillacquer page -

@colorclubnaillacquer page 


@crisstivall -

@colorclubnaillacquer page repost by @crisstivall 


@colorclubnaillacquer page

@colorclubnaillacquer page

I think We’ll Never Be Royals is my favorite…

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