Body Shop Fresh Nude

While there isn’t a ton of information out about this foundation, Body Shop Fresh Nude, as yet, a few bloggers have shared what they know…as well as images (which are, indeed, equally as important!)  BritishBeautyBlogger understands the shades to be quite extensive, and the fun part is the two Shade Adjusting Drops.

I’ve written about the various dropper foundations of 2015, and this is very much in line with that idea – not only is coverage customizable, but also the tone.  

As any competitive dancers can tell you – at least those of us in the Ballroom! – matching to a self tan can be a nightmare!  Sounds silly but if you need to match for a few days, you need the kind of solution these Adjusting Drops provide!  (A self tan WILL streak…so you can’t forego the foundation.  Just won’t work!)

But dancing aside, these allow more flexibility for ANYONE – maybe you just want to add a darkening drop to your moisturizer.  Why not?!  

Personally, I’d go for lightening…and I hope more brands come out WITH contour-esque lightening and darkening…  I can’t imagine they WON’T – trendy may be too “conformist” for some of us, but the benefit is that we get more of a selection when something DOES hit main stream. I’m definitely okay with that!


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