Spinning With The Ninjas

I just WAS NOT in the mood to spin the other morning.  I just moved – literally moving my Life from one state to a new one – so I’ve been a wee bit exhausted.  

BUT…I don’t believe in excuses.

If I am legitimately not up for it, I’ve gotten better about giving myself a break.  But there are times when our brains endeavor to sway us with their trickery.  Oh yes…the “I’m-moving-so-I-must-have-packed-my-spin-shoes” routine (never mind that they were on a shelf out of the corner of my eye!) Brain hates cardio (so it proclaims!) but the body needs it!


Maybe I’m gross from spinning. Definitely a “get away, mom!”

That was that – I spotted the shoes and my brain (practically audibly) went “dang it!”  

As I did, the cats went flying by – they’re quite the ninjas, when they feel like it, these two.  Jumping with grace and ease, flying through there air into full-on somersaults, and adding some comic relief with a “merowr!” tossed in here and there…  It’s a sight!


Not only did it make me laugh, it occurred to me that these two little black fur balls had enough energy for all of us.  If they could stay active, so could I.

Where is the logic in that, you ask?  I have NO idea!


But it was enough to say “okay, let’s do this,” don the spin shoes, and jam.  I put the iPod on shuffle and watched off-and-on the feline ninjitsu for the next hour.  Put that to Metallica and it’s really pretty entertaining.

When the brain wants to give you a hard time, don’t back down so easily.  Nothing feels better than when you get it done!

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