Sorry, Vogue – You Got This One Wrong

Ladies…just DON’T.  

Don’t sleep with makeup on ever, for any reason…especially (*cough*) a SILLY one.

I read this article, “Adriana Lima, Edie Campbell, and More on the Ultimate Beauty Taboo: Sleeping in Your Makeup” – only part way, mind you, because I was so frustrated with it before I read a word beyond the title!

I HAVE to disagree. 

“…a few of the industry’s most in-demand faces told us that they actually prefer to sleep in their makeup. “For the eyes it’s fine,” Edie Campbell clarified. “For foundation it’s not.”

I’m sorry to be stringent here but…is Edie Campbell a certified ophthalmologist?  An optometrist?


She’s a fashion model.  Gorgeous, lovely, talented in her field…

She may well be incredibly bright – many of these ladies and gents ARE, maybe to the chagrin of naysayers and disbelievers! – BUT…she isn’t an eye specialist.  She could rival Einstein, for all I know, but her background, I’m relatively certain, didn’t include medical specialization.  So no offense but…“for the eyes, it’s fine” is not really sound advice.

No matter what ANYONE says, makeup isn’t meant to be worn to bed.  No offense to any other celeb suggesting it is THE thing to do, of course.

Is it the end of the world once in a blue moon? Probably not.

Are you going to lose vision, heaven forbid? Doubtful.

But why…WHY?!…take a chance on a potential eye infection, or red eyes you need to douse with drops (which will ruin your slept-in-smudge that you *might* be aiming for in the first place, having hit the pillow with it on, by the way…)

There are SO MANY PRODUCTS these days!  COUNTLESS!  They smudge, they’re smooth, they’re long-wearing… They don’t drag or dry too fast…

So you don’t have to sacrifice clean pillowcases, skin, or your rods, cones, or retinas…to get a “slept-in” look.

“(And Why You Should Too)” it reads?! “Give me a break!!” I thought…  

This is like an “oh-it’s-easy” Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake design on Pinterest – is it REALLY going to come out looking that way?

Your health should always come FIRST, before the superficial – I think most of us agree there.  Pamper those beautiful eyes you have – they don’t NEED to be sassed up all the time, and they don’t need to be compromised.  

Your eyes deserve clean and restful sleep TOO, for pete’s sake.  No one should tell you otherwise.  When you wake up, grab a soft kohl and smudge to your heart’s content.

5 thoughts on “Sorry, Vogue – You Got This One Wrong

    • Thank you SO MUCH for saying so…and for reading.:D I was sincerely a little surprised, as it is quite contrary to what is generally preached (particularly in fashion publications, and the industry as a whole. It’s nearly a commandment NOT to go to bed with makeup on!) So while certainly they can say what they like, it didn’t feel wise, nor worth it, in my opinion!

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