Holiday 2015 – Armani Luxe Is More

I love the ad image for the Holiday 2015 Luxe Is More Collection from Armani – it evokes precisely what the  Company was aiming for with these products, all of which are meant to pay tribute to the film sirens of the 1930s and 1940s. 

Armani Holiday 2015

Armani Holiday 2015

Lips are the most focused-on area of this inherently glamorous look. Eyes are second with sultry definition…but not overpowering… And the canvas, of course, is clear, flawless, polished skin.  

The Collection includes:

Lip Maestro:

  • N° 405 Orient
  • N° 406 Sultan
  • N° 414 Pure Red
  • N° 507 Boudoir
  • N° 508 Pearly nude
  • N° 509 Ruby Nude

Eye Tint:

  • N°16 Rose Platinum
  • N°17 Hollywood
  • N°18 Silver Mirage

The Hollywood Palette:

  • First Tier: Ten matte and pearlescent eyeshadows
  • Second Tier: Luminescent compact powder (for all skin color, combats shine)

Holidays are THE perfect time to channel your inner silver-screen-starlet-ness…so why not go luxe with it?!

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