Black Up For Women Of Color…Finally At Sephora!

Well Hallelujah!  I LOVE seeing brands that cater to different ethnic needs and tones – my thesis back in college was about cosmetic companies expanding into Asia…WELL ahead of the surge we are now seeing (*cough* *cough* Ahem.  THANK YOU! 😉 ) 

We all have unique challenges and base tonalities for one ethnicity can look HORRIFIC on another.  Certainly there are mass market brands for ladies of color, but there aren’t as many HIGH END ones… So, I was excited to see this brand crop up at Sephora.

Black Up is a Paris-based line that began in 1999, founded by an African makeup artist – amazing that we are only now seeing it show up at Sephora – then again, better FINALLY than not at all.  Thrilled to see it, and loving the gorgeous shades.


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