Baiser ‘n’ Blush

I came across these quite by accident on Urban’s…and I have to say, I think they are precious! 

I remember hearing my mum say “Bunny, you’re purple!” during many training sessions growing up (competitive figure skating, primarily…at least for this example!) It was actually a positive thing – I wasn’t purple in the sense I was going to go down for the count…but I’d always get a deeply magenta flush, somehow sheer, on my cheeks.  “Like blooming roses,” it was said…

When NOT active, however – rare, but it occurs! – the flush fades a bit and my natural pallor finds itself in need of a cheek pinch…OR a fun little pot of color!

These creme blushes from Baiser ARE a bit on the steep side – so I’m not necessarily sure one can’t find something of the ilk at a lower price point.  But I love what they are all the same.

With vitamins A, E, F, and shea butter, these sheer peach and pink tints moisturize the skin as they perk you up.  Either of them will give a natural, I’m-jumping-about color…which is nice if you are just reading and want to look like you just came in from the outdoor rink!

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