Six Pack Bags – Renee Meal Management Tote

Rest-assured, I am not affiliated with a company and therefore touting their products because I was asked to.  I actually just LOVE Six Pack Bags.  

I love that this Company understands that being fit on the go IS a priority, and sometimes we really DON’T want to be lugging around a gym bag, or some other makeshift meal bag.  

These are not only made for specifically carrying meals and snacks, but they look fabulous too – totally inconspicuous, and absolutely fashion-right.  

I smiled when I opened the most recent newsletter and saw the “Renee” – I thought it was saying the bag could double as an animal tote (and as an animal lover I went “OOOO!”)  I wasn’t terribly disappointed to learn I was incorrect…because dog bed can work too (provided you don’t have a Mastiff! 😉 ) 

The Renee holds four meals and comes in four colorways:

  • Stealth Black
  • Navy
  • Stone
  • Sienna

It also “holds 4 meals, comes preloaded with:

  • 4 Sure Seal Containers
  • 2 Small Gel Packs
  • 1 Sports Nutrition Compact”

Being fit, staying chic… Can’t argue with that! 🙂

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