Maleficent Contour Set

I’ve definitely alluded to this before, but I was not exactly the Disney Princess type.  I mean…no one would turn down being one of them as a little girl…except maybe me.  

Iiiii wanted to be Maleficent.  

Or the Evil Queen.  

Or one of the grandiose, magical ladies of darkness… 

Oh yes, it’s true… I didn’t want the glass slippers or beautiful gowns.  I wanted to conjure massive purple dragons, forests of thorns, and have two crazy horns with a glowing magical staff!  (The cloak was pretty fabulous too.)


No, there is no pretending with me – I WAS that off-key, electron of a little girl, who loved the dark, and all things otherworldly. 

Can you blame me!?

So despite that I am not a tween or teen, a little girl…or even in my 20s…I HAD to buy these brushes!

Do I need more?  HECK NO!


But…it’s Maleficent.  And these are black and purple and red and ombre! OOoOOooo! 😀  There are a few more Disney Fall 2015 items cropping up, so check Walgreens if you have any in your area.

More brushes, but UH-MAZING brushes. They even have little black dragon’s on the handle!  I’m almost tempted to by more for the day I scour eBay for “that magnificent Maleficent contour three piece!”



Some of us never grow up!


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