Scoop On Top!

Yippeeee!  I know any of you out there who use supplements (I use aminos and protein powders) the losing-of-the-scoop is a familiar – and ANNOYING – scenario!

I actually take men out and leave it with a funnel (which I use for my aminos) because having to fish for it is far to obnoxious… Powder everywhere that turns white when it gets wet…no thanks!

Enter Aptar with a handy-dandy BAP (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology “which uses an aluminum liner to permanently weld the closure to the container, providing an all-in-one foil to closure solution.”  

The scoop is attached with a “holder” to keep it in place inside the flip top…forever! (if you keep it snapped in!) 😉

Beyond not having to fish for a scoop…!  The flip top also “allows material savings while improving deal integrity…and provides a fresh safe product.

I like it!

The company will be showcasing the product at Mr. Olympia #143 in Vegas on September 18th and 19th.


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