Spring / Summer 2016 / 2017 Beauty – Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg always promises a solid dose of color, fun prints, and a flirtatious but ladylike attitudeSpring 2016 didn’t disappoint.  

I noted the flowing silhouettes and draping lines prior to reading that Diane entitled the show “Fortvna,” after the Roman goddess of luck – I suppose, then, she did a brilliant job of conveying that underlying tone!  

There was also a dash of bohemian and 70’s nightclub in the mix… Perhaps Fortnva was on 54th Street in the later ’70s also!

Beauty very much reflected a happy-hippy-’70s flare – it was upbeat, colorful, young and carefree.

Eyes were the strong focus, swathed in brightly colored, shimmering shadow for a playful and artistic take on metallic…no doubt taking a cue from the lame and bold print hues in Diane’s Collection!  

Blues and greens were mixed, for one, gracing both top and bottom lids with happy insouciance.  The effect was a la scarab in a way – chromatic and vibrant.





Hair was pin-curled loosely before the show, creating some gorgeous, easy waves…


Nails were paired down…and thank goodness!  With the multitude of buys prints and mixed-media (as we called it in the industry) footwear, anything more *could* have been overboard.


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