Holy Nail Swag!

I passed by this Instagram page – belonging to @nail_swag, clearly – and I nearly fell over.  If you are even REMOTELY interested in nail design, it’s worth looking at.  

I do not know the owner(s) of this page, but I can safely say that the creativity…and execution…is incredible.  

Some of these remind me of lacquer and inlay jewelry boxes…beautiful, artisan, handed-down ones…

Others remind me of the blown glass designs in Murano, or the whimsical coloring from old Venice…

There are sharp shapes and metallic glints, impossible to miss…

They range the gamut, truly – from modern and minimalist, to henna-inspired… Geometric, marbled and magical…

I feel like I could scroll at length, and I know some of you ARE into all things polish…so if you haven’t seen the page as yet, do take a peek.  Even if you are more traditional, the shapes and shades are sure to inspire. 


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