Sinful, Oh SNAP!

Another new Collection from Sinful, which I just saw this past weekend at Walgreens goes by “Oh Snap!” 

Thanks to Nouveaucheap and Coolpolish for sharing the photos and colors with everyone – I didn’t have my phone so I’m so happy someone else snagged shots! The Collection represents “Runway Colors, with Vintage Flair.”

Per Nouveauchep (and one of her readers, Kim) for the shades in the display, left to right:

  • Antique Your Interest (NEW)
  • Plum Luck (NEW)
  • Ink Positive (NEW) 
  • Purple Haze (NEW)
  • Rose Dust (repromote; originally released Spring 2015)
  • Clear Top Coat
  • No Filter (NEW)
  • Retro Rosie (NEW)

I’m always looking to find a red in the bunch, as I will often say, but the colors are pretty in person.  Still, I’m not sure I’d say “vintage” per se – these feel more pigmented and poppier than “vintage” connotes to me personally.  Hmm…

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