Oui, La Vie En Rose, L’Oreal!

I was delighted to see these beautiful Collection Exclusive “Vie En Rose” lippies – the shades are rather Spring in feeling (at least to my eye), despite officially launching in autumnal October!  It is more apparent, perhaps, when looking at the tubes side by side, and swatched photos (thanks to Britishbeautyblogger.)


Per the site:

This is an “Iconic collection created by the most charismatic and emblematic women of worth to enable every woman to wear the perfect shade that suits her in each color family.”  

There are five shades (currently just four on Boots.com) – these include:

  • Blake Pink – Orange pink / fair tones
  • Helen Pink – Iridescent nude pink / fair tones
  • Naomi Pink – Mauve-toned, ‘tea’ pink / fair tones
  • Eva Pink –  Peachy pink / warm tones
  • Lydia Pink – Grenadian pink / deep tones.

These look very “happy” and uplifting – not exactly what I’d picture for Fall, but why not, I suppose.  C’est La Vie En Rose, after all.

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