Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Flush

Maybelline has come out with a whole variety of products based on the “Baby” concept – Baby Skin, and Baby Lips.  New to the growing lineup is Baby Skin Instant Cheek Flush Blushes.  I actually thought I posted this already but apparently not!

I found these on Target’s website but they are NOT yet available (frustrating when they do that but…creating demand works!)

Colors include:

  • Pop of Peach
  • Pinking of You

The product is designed to be incredibly easy to use (“fool-proof”), sheer, and natural.  

Beautygurus on Istagram saw this in-store and posted photos (thanks to her!)  I appreciate seeing these photos because it is a little hard to tell what they’ll look like with the package photos alone.  The fin design seems to make it easier to grab, but the bulkier, EOS-like style isn’t really my favorite.  Still, I love sheer flushes so…maybe worth it?


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