L.A. Splash Smitten

L.A. Splash has a newbie out – Smitten Liptint Mousse.  At first I was incredibly confused, having remembered L.A. Girl’s Matte Pigment Gloss, which has a similar flavor.  

L.A. Girl USA photo

L.A. Girl USA photo

The Liptint Mousse is $14.00, which for whatever reason I felt was kind of steep.  I’m not well versed with L.A. Splash Cosmetics, but I had in my mind that they were more mass market, and therefore a bit lower with price points.  Having said that, it is also possible I fully confused them with L.A. GIRL’s, who’s matte lippie is only $5.00.  I was expecting to see that kind of price for this one.


My favorite shade, hands down, is Ravens Claw.  I liked Harry Potter, but I’m kind of thinking on a more vampy tangent – name sounds cool, minus the association! I also LOOOOVE deep reds.  I wish I had an excuse to wear it, but I think the gym goers may shoot a few looks (not good ones!) in my general direction were I to march in sporting a dark red lip and my weight gloves.

Hey, it takes all kinds, right?! 😉

Inflamed is second runner up!

(As for L.A. GIRL, my favorite there was Secret, though what I love about their range is that the shades are more versatile overall.  Still not for wallflowers, but in colors more expected.)



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