Batiste Style Me Texture

I remember when Batiste came to the US and I was TERRIBLY excited!  You folks in the UK (and overseas) get these goodies before we do!

The Batiste Style Me Texurizing Spray is infused with a combination of Keratin and Inca Inchi Oil, making for a styling and strengthening two-in-one!  It is non-sticky and lightweight, allowing for movement and a natural look.

Tousled hair is always in…I don’t care what era it is!  (The ONLY place I see it standing out is on the competitive Ballroom floor…where au naturale will ever be “in!”)  That said, texturing sprays are GREAT for adding some tack to hair for braids and updos!

The package is a bold fuchsia with lime and tonal hues, keeping in line with Batiste’s fun and whimsical designs.

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