Maybelline Falsies Pushup

Huh…so falsies AND a pushup!?  She must be a hot little number!

Thanks to hello_vana for spotting this, and to Nouveaucheap for additional comments and images (also hello_vana’s – take a look because she snagged and tried it out!)

The package says that the brush is designed to “scoop and lift” the lashes, which (I agree with nouveaucheap) it does appear to do.  The formula is also “creamy and plumping” that creates and holds lash volume.  

I feel like this is sort of a mass version of Benefit Roller Lash?  I haven’t seen it in store as yet, but many of the Fall products are trickling in (Harmon often has things earlier than CVSs and Walgreens and the like – at least around here.)  So, if you are a mascara fan, keep your eyes open for this one!  



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