L’Oreal Superstar

I’ve seen these products offered online at Boots and L’oreal UK, but I have heard that they’ve been spotted in the US as well.  There is a Superstar Mascara, as well as an Eyeliner that are new to L’oreal’s Fall lineup…and why not!?  More options for supersized eyes!

Per the site, the Super Line Superstar will:

Transform your look in one daring stroke. It’s specially designed felt tip fulfils your every wish. The ‘Corseted’ tip with a flexor system helps you to follow the natural contours of your eyes, boldly extending to the ends of the lashes. It’s showtime!

Ink Tank Tip: Releases ink over your lash line for perfect line control.

Per L’oreal’s UK site:

Our 1st mascara to give you show-stopping lashes in 2 effortless steps. The innovative 2-step system works to thicken and lengthen the look of lashes with Velcro fibres, for super-sized, super-long, Superstar lashes.

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