Disney Princesses, Bare-Faced and Beautiful

I was absolutely DELIGHTED to see this buzz feed post from the 12th of this month (which seems to be circulating now.)  

“This is what Disney Princesses Look Like Without Makeup.”

As little girls, we sort of don’t realize what’s going on there… We see various renditions of “perfect beauty” and think, innocently,…

“I wonder if I will ever be that beautiful…,”

“…if my skin with be so perfect…”

“…if I will ever seem that rosy and glowing all the time…”

The princesses never look tired.  

They have nary a line nor imperfection…

Whether pursued by voracious wolves in a wooded forest, fighting as a samurai, or soaked and salted from the sea…they always manage to stay perfectly groomed and “photo-ready” (in the animated sense, of course!)

And when we are impressionable, we simply don’t even notice.  We take in the larger picture, don’t we?

Not anymore!

The snazzy little slider on these images shows us the deconstructed…more “natural” look…were these ladies not drawn through the eyes of a makeup artist / hairstylist / costume designer.  

I L ❤ VE IT.

I love seeing what it *might* be like when they have down time (which, naturally, they DON’T in the films!) 

And I hope this kind of thing is shared more and more, and that girls are told how “naturally beautiful” they are.  Because we don’t need to paint our faces to BE beautiful.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying it, and loving artistry and so on… But we also should grow up knowing that we have a choice, that makeup and hair styling can be fun, but it isn’t what defines us… 

We are beautiful JUST AS WE ARE…and ALL little girls should know that so are the Princesses when they go to sleep…with a WASHED face!

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