Fall 2015 – MAC K Beautiful Face

Another Fall Collection from MAC for 2015!  The K- Beautiful Face products (permanent, so I understand) are designed to be used in three steps:

  • Step 1: Prime
  • Step 2: Perfect
  • Step 3: Finish

Per MAC:

Get gorgeous soft radiance with K-Beautiful Face – perfectly balanced, perfectly you. Start with our hydrating base, Prep + Prime Natural Radiance in Radiant Pink. Use the 191 Square Foundation Brush with Mineralize Moisture Fluid SPF 15 to achieve lightweight coverage, accented with Mineralize Skinfinish. For a luminous finishing touch, try Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose.

The lineup of five products are as follows:

  • MAC Prep + Prime in Natural Radiance (Radiant Pink) – $41.00
  • Mineralize Moisture Foundation – $36.00
  • Mineralize Skin Finish (Soft and Gentle, a gilded peach bronze)) – $32.00
  • Prep + Prime Highlighter (Radiant Rose, a light shell pink) – $26.00
  • 191 Square Foundation Brush

You can purchase the goodies now online, using the MAC link above! 🙂

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