Fall 2015 – Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 Collection features four Eye and Cheek Shadows (love that this is being marketed this way, which also indicates (clearly!) that the formula is designed for wear on both! Many can be used for cheeks and eyes, but knowing that it was made with both the facial skin as well as delicate eyelids in mind, is nice to know!)

I love the look of the ombre, on the superficial, first-glance level…and, more functionally, the fact that this is a few tonal shades in one!

There are also two Brow Sculpting Kits with a trio of luscious shades, allowing for highlighting and contouring as needed.

To round out the Collection, are ten Ultra Shine Glosses (with names like Love Bruise and Lost Cherry and Sugar Pink.  Interesting.)

  By the sound of it, these are not available on line, so you will have to track ’em down online.  That said, the glosses alone run a high $46 – too much of a splurge for me but if you can and want to do it…GO FOR IT!  They look lovely!


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