Deep Cleansing Scrub…for your Brushes!

This isn’t a scrub for you!  I know, I know…“but WHY!?  I love scrubs!”

Well, don’t be too disappointed because you can pamper your hard-working tools, and happy tools are well-applied products! 😀 Think…FLAWLESS! 

I don’t suppose Real Techniques anticipated an “awwww!  That’s ADORABLE!” for their Deep Cleansing Gel but…well...that’s what they are getting from me!

This deep cleaning gel works as well as a “concentrate” to effectively remove “nearly all makeup residue.”  (I did a bit of a double take at that part as well.  The “*” is for the following reason: “*Using liquid foundation from a leading makeup brand.“)

The gel is designed, however, to remove impurities that you can see, as well as the ones you can’t.  It’s dermatologist tested, so it won’t upset your skin, or your brushie’s bristles!  

It is also free of alcohol and phthalates, and comes in an easy-to-use, squeeze bottle.

Positively precious.

Oh.. AND ska-weekie clean! 🙂



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