Weekends Away From Home

As I’ve mentioned, I used to be TERRIFIED of traveling anywhere – two eating disorders and PTSD (then a round of CPTSD) caused total hazarai about a decade ago…     Thankfully, I made it to the other side – happy, healthy, no more debilitating anxiety!  Hard work, but it can be done – I wasn’t going to be captive in a Life of damaging self behaviors.   That said, I have been an athlete my entire Life…so staying fit and active is V I T A L for me.   I’ve gotten to the point where I can absolutely give myself a day off without beating myself up, or strangling my psyche with body dismorphia!   Being active, exercising, and eating clean is so much more than a physical pursuit. 

  • It is for my long-term HEALTH
  • It is for my MENTAL health and wellbeing
  • It is one of THE best ways of coping with stress
  • It makes me feel EMPOWERED, STRONG, and BEAUTIFUL


I am not always wanting to get on my spin bike, or necessarily run treadmill sprints…but I know that when I DO, I am going to feel AMAZING, and proud of myself (and my knees!)


My hunnie and I have two completely different workout needs – I need to get the hard stuff done early, his body prefers later in the day.  What happens to my easily-bored, Geminian self when I put it off?

  • I get ancy, anxious, and / or stressed
  • I feel upset with myself for not fitting it in
  • I feel claustrophobic if I’m stuck inside, my body feels like it has to move.  

On top of it, I know if I WAIT, I am NOT going to get to the hard stuff.  I will do less intensity than I could have generated earlier in the day, and that just serves to make me feel worse.  If you know your downfalls, try to work to avoid them!


Solution?  Bring sneakers and gloves!  

When I wake up I have some water, I get a towel, my iPod and sneaks…and I jam.

I didn’t FEEL like running treadmill sprints, but I WANTED to.  

I WANTED to push and know, later on in the day, that I got my exercise in.  It FEELS good. So that is just what I did.  


Later on, I enjoyed some poached eggs, grilled chicken, fruit salad and water – my usual fare, and incredibly nutritious.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.52.25 PM

I also had some nitrate-free turkey slices in the fridge for snacking…! 🙂 


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