Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick

I haven’t read a ton about this product specifically (in the way of review posts) BUT…the Amazing Cosmetics’ concealers are holy grails for a lot of ladies, so I was interested to see what this chubby pencil was all about.

Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick comes in four shades:

  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Tan
  • Deep

While it says this self-sharpening chubby is great for highlighting, and on the go – which I think any stick would be – it didn’t say much about the formula itself.  

I was hoping to see “water resistant” or “long wear” or something of the ilk…  That said, products you can toss in your bag or glove box with a narrower end (“drawing on” is SO must easier than needing a brush!) are always a good thing!

It IS free of the following yucky fillers though:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates


And…reviews seem relatively positive!  You can check it out on Sephora also!

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