Shoulder Show

So “Off The Shoulder” is a trend that can be absolutely gorgeous…but also a bit tricky.  

If you are busty at ALL, or simply have a difficult time with strapless bras (let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how good it is, it’s hard to find one that you aren’t aware of all night!), having the absence of straps can be a distracting nuisance.  

Even with Ballroom costumes, I HAD to have some kind of support – it just wasn’t comfortable otherwise.  And I know you know what I mean about wanting desperately to tug at your apparel all night long, hoping you have a chance to run to the ladies room to adjust the undergarments!  ARG!

But…if you can find a support you feel comfortable – and secure in – off the shoulder tops are lovely – they can alter the “flavor” just about anything.  A skirt, a dress, trousers, shoulder-bearing tops lend an extra layer of “vibe,” whether bohemian and carefree, or elegant and refined.

The only other snag here is if you are broad-shouldered…which I am.  I have my days where my shoulder-span elicits the “do you workout?” and “are you a swimmer?”…and therefore my own clenched jaw.  But I’m thankful, darn it!  I can lug groceries on my shoulders like a linebacker! AND…and…in a Ballroom, or on the ice, my “wings” come in handy!

Personally, I think you should be proud NO MATTER how far your shoulders span…or don’t!  If you do have broad shoulders, it is fair to say this trend WILL highlight them. But…

In Fashion, we play with shapes… There are flattering cuts for ALL figures, ALL shapes, ALL sizes.  It simply depends on what you want to highlight.  

If you feel your shoulders are something you want to show off, this is a GREAT trend for you.  

If you’d like to lessen the width, try a ONE-shoulder drape. 

Keep in mind, if your shoulders are broad, and your waist tiny (I’m a little jealous here!), this will really give you an hourglass, triangular visual line.

Either way, you can show a bit of skin, and your neckline, and feel fabulously comfortable at the same time!  Brilliant.


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