Miss Dior Blush – Fall 2015

Thanks to ChicProfile for sharing info about the Fall 2015 Miss Dior Glowing Color Blush Palettes, because I haven’t seen these elsewhere as yet.

I’ve always loved Dior’s quality and colors, though the second of these shades – aptly called 002 – has me a wee bit confused.  

001 is an über-vibrant, candied pink (pink of varying bubblegum degrees, I should say – which WILL make for some vibrantly sweet cheeks…!)

oo2, however, is a “bronze” shade…but one I daresay will only work on incredibly fair skin.  Possibly as a highlighter for deeper complexions?  I’m not entirely sure – if it has some gleam to it, certainly (and it does say it has some shimmer.)

The pair was created as a limited edition to pay tribute “to the cult collection 1967 Miss Dior.”  They will be launching at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Russia on the 3rd of September.

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