Micellar Water Gel

Tremendous!!!  La Roche-Posay – a brand I personally ADORE!!!! – has just come out with a GEL version of Micellar Water.  I schedule posts so actually this is a few days earlier…. I want to post everything at once (I have so many drafts!) but I am moving soon and just super overwhelmed!  I am, however, still trying to be timely! 🙂

Now I knooooow that Micellar Waters are THE THING all of a sudden.  When I travelled to Paris as a sixteen year-old I thought the magical H2Os were the cat’s meow (I’m 37 now) – there wasn’t a pharmacy that didn’t have several things of the ilk, and since every Parisian woman seemed to have immaculate skin, I was ever-curious about their regimes.  Especially as a teen!

Variations have been finding their way to the backstages of Runways for moons…and nothing has changed…save for the massive, current-day attention.

But I don’t know…

I HAVE some cleansing waters, including baby cleansing waters just for my face! But I feel like micellar waters aren’t the ideal consistency somehow – I feel like I waste too much in the process, including over absorption into cotton.

Do I sound crazy?

I use water from the tap…and I try not to let it run with total abandon – even if I’m not paying for it at a store, it’s pretty darn precious.  But then there’s that little bottle of micellar miraculousness that I can’t use without feeling like too much is going down the same drain….along with a few dollars.

Enter the GEL.  I love that La Roche-Posay has a gel.  The thicker consistency means that more of it is going to stay on my face, or a cotton pad, or whatever I might use to cleanse –  I was never a huge fan of makeup removers for the same reason.  So much absorbed and I’d have to re-drench to get enough of it!  

So a gel, which likely has a better chance of applying properly the first time makes me a very happy girl.  😀


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