Pacifica Masks

So normally I’ll scroll through new Collections picking out the things I would love…and saying to myself that I don’t need x, y, or z…  But when I saw the Pacifica Mask and Scrub lineup, I kind of went “oOOoooo!” I mean, I could use all of them AND the scrubs!  

I love enzymes, I love microdermabrasion, and I desperately need (here and there) a jolt of hydration – all of these formulas sound pretty fabulous to me.  But since I’d rather not buy all five full sizes, and potentially end up not liking something, I was really deliberating WHICH I needed most.

The GREAT news is, Pacifica is offering a trial box, called Dreamy Skin Solution Kit – Problem solved! 😀  

I actually just spotted some of the full sizes, and the box set, at an Ulta (not all were out, but stock was definitely arriving, and the shelves had space!)…so keep your eyes peeled because these look amazing.

The entire line is expanding, as you may have noticed already, including hair products, skincare, body wipes AND makeup!  Not just scents anymore!

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