Bobbi Greige

At first, I’ll admit it, I saw “Greige” and I thought…”ugh.”

I know, I know…but Greige just sounds frumpy!  I love grey hues, and I think nudes are gorgeous…but I’ve always had a tough time with the offspring of the two!

Grey-toned, or full-on grey nails, for example, never totally looked right to me (coming from a girl who died to have Chanel’s navy-and-silver-sparkle “Ciel De Nuit” on her nails in college! OR…yes, I did, green glitter! *LOL*)

Bobbi certainly has polishes, but I can’t say why my mind went directly there. Sure enough, the ad featured grey-ish nails…

BUT…I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful hues Bobbi is offering with this Collection.  Truth is, I LOVE Bobbie Brown – I always thought her ads we particularly stunning.  There was something natural but polished about the looks that always struck me…kind of the same way Ralph Lauren’s windows…which I am ever oohing and aahing over!

I think paring the two pictured polishes would be stunning – like a degrade, or design with one on the other?  

The shadow palette will deliver a sultry gaze without having to dip into black or ultra-sooty shades

And how delicious are the liner trios?!  Midnight, Black Plum…who can decide?!  

Way to go Bobbi – as always, your colors are amazing.

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