A La Carte Gel

I just came across an adorable little cheek gel that comes in a compact, made by A La Carte Cosmetics – it’s called Bare Cheek, and it’s precious.  

Everyone has a favorite formula, and a favorite look… For me, the more natural, the better!  Oftentimes I am doing something active, so my cheeks naturally flush…and stay that way a while!

And really, that’s the color I am going after…the natural, blood-rushed-to-my-cheeks hue….Damson and Papaya would be that way on me.

But there isn’t anything like a subtle flush to enliven your face – it really is instantaneous!  What I love about Bare Cheek is that it’s a soft, translucent color with a dewy glow to it – for me, that’s ideal.  It’s youthful and fresh in my mind, and though in summertime I find myself blotting a mile a minute, I’m still all for that hydrated sheen.

BritishBeautyBlogger tried a few of these out and they look gorgeous on! Makeupbyjewlz also shares more photos and a review.

There was a cheek gel stain stick that I want to say Covergirl had out in the later ’90s when I was in college…it was almost like Tarte’s.  The fun of these is that sticks take up more space – easy to use, yes, but I like things that take up less room!

So if you like a healthy, sheer wash of color…and a bit of a dewy glow, these are for you.  If you prefer richer pigments, definitely a skip-a-roo!

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