Sephora “Play”

If you haven’t already heard, Sephora is coming out with its own subscription service, which it will call “Play.”  Birchbox has an almost $72 million head start in funding, but as the article above also states…it’s nothing next to Sephora 1,900 already-operating stores worldwide.

Sephora Logo

Sephora Logo

Play “will debut this September in Boston, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio, with a U.S.-wide rollout slated for next year.”

I think if anyone had a chance of competing, it would be Sephora.  Much that boxes are a fabulous and fun idea, my skin is particular…so I am not as keen on getting a bunch of samples that I may not be able to use.  $10, which both services are charging per month, isn’t hugely steep…but it really depends on the kind of goodies in there.

Want not, waste not?  I don’t know…I’m an uber Sephora fan…

Color me curious!!

3 thoughts on “Sephora “Play”

    • Me too! I thought the idea was super interesting…but I didn’t know if I could justify spending money on it, having NO idea what was coming (which, I suppose, is the fun in it!) But Sephora? WHOLE other ball game!!! 😀 ❤

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