OPI in Venezia

Venice is one of my absolute favorite places on this planet – I have so many fond memories of traveling there with my parents both as a little girl, and a grown woman.  It has ever enchanted me with its whispering waters, clandestine courtyards, and those narrow, cobbled streets by moonlight…

Opi photo

Opi photo

Back in its heyday, the Grand Canal would have been reflecting colors more vibrant than the beauty we still catch glimpses of today – the pigmentation of building facades alone would have been breathtaking, nevermind the intricate terrazzo floors, and painted ceilings, and gilded details…!

I can’t even imagine it…but I know I’d have swooned.

So when I saw that OPI was coming out with a Venice Collection, I had to see what the colors were like…  

I wondered if they would reflect the mysterious and playful air of Carnivale

Or maybe the blue of the sky and mosaics

Or the burgundy of the velvets in the costume shops…

Opi photo

Opi photo

Opi photo

Opi photo

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 7.38.21 PM

Opi Photo

Opi Photo

The ads focused on gold, black, burgundy and whispers of pink…all fitting, for sure.  And the colors themselves, they remind me of the brick and the stone…

Of the nudes and flesh pinks of old paintings…

 Of the bold reds, blues, purples and teals that I can only imagined graced the Palazzos…

All in all, the colors are nice, but the polish that really makes the Collection jive is Baroque But Still Shopping.  Until I saw that, I wasn’t convinced…but this makes it sing.

The shade is a muted yellow gold with (what seems to be in photos) a barely-there green-patina cast to it.  It’s not high chrome, but more subdued, as if antique…and flecked with chunkier gold glitter.  This color reminds me of the paint and gold leaf used on Carnivale masks…of which I lovingly have a few. ❤ It’s the detail that was needed to flesh this out… 

Opi Venice Collectio

Opi Venice Collectio

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