Sebastian Innovations

Two new products have been added to Sebastian’s Professional Forme Range, Resintek and Eruptek.

Resintek is “a liquid sap that ignites hyper-reflectivity with infinite, re-mouldable hold the second it meets the hair.”  It is meant to offer a good dose of “hyper-shine,” so don’t expect a matte finish with this one!  It sounds like something I would have snagged for Ballroom – glossy manes were uber-“in” on the dance floor!

Eruptek calls on volcanic ash to create “expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture.”  For anyone who needs some root lifting, that’s sounds pretty uh-mazing. Some people want to slim down any fullness or frizz, but for others with lengthy locks, or hair that always seems to fall flat…this might be a nifty new option!

Lanchpad Magazine shares some tidbits about the launch of Metamorphik Collection’s two new stars in L.A. a few days ago here.

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