Paul & Joe Espresso Inspired

I ran across these ADORABLE little Paul & Joe Beaute duos and had to share – if the swirling froth on the top of an espresso was made into candies, it would look like these!  (And incidentally, when I scrolled down and read, that’s exactly what inspired the brand to create these – I guess they did a good job!  My second thought was the Werther’s candies! I get the sugar-free ones. 🙂 )

Raspberry truffle looks delicious, and uber feminine.  I would imagine this could have a bit of a brightening effect and honestly, depending on how much shimmer was in there, I’d swirl it on the top of my cheekbones.

The Cafe Macchiato looks amazing also…  Soft, neutral, and super easy to wear.  It does appear to have some glimmer, though, which is something I keep in mind.  The more undetected for me, the better!

Caramel Drizzle is more on the orange and apricot side… I bet this would be DIVINE on a deeper complexion! 

The packaging is precious too… The kind of thing you could leave out on a vanity and not think twice about.  All three are different, but all very vintage in feeling.



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