Deborah Lippmann Genie In A Bottle

I feel like we shouldn’t be surprised by the idea that more correctors are hitting the nail market… I’ve seen rather a few of late, the Deborah Lippmann Genie In A Bottle, Illuminating Nail Perfector to be the latest of the bunch. photo photo

The thought here is that the “ultra-sheer violet pigments” will “neutralize dull, stained, or yellow nails,” as well as enhancing the overall tone of the nail, including brightening the “white” of the tips. photo photo

Violet powders have been on the market for moons, particularly overseas in Asia, for ladies who are aiming to brighten, and remove any trace of sallowness.  For nails, this is kind of a novel concept – most of the “correctors” out there are in the natural, pink-tinged or peachy range.

The product doesn’t appear to have incredibly strong reviews, but as I always say…if you have an opportunity to get into a Sephora store (one that carries Deborah Lippman – and more and more ARE!)…then maybe give it a whirl in person to see if you like it.  I didn’t see a ton of swatches out there as yet.

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