Pacifica To The Rescue!

I’m a SUPER active girl – I have been an athlete my entire life and the fact of it is…it ISN’T pretty.  

People can dance around issues as much as they’d like, but not me.  Nope.  Listen…when you are in sports, you are going to have to deal with what goes along with it!

  • You WILL sweat
  • You WILL get dirty
  • You WILL clog your pores if you don’t clean up afterwards
  • Your hair will NOT look cute, so seriously…let it go!
  • You WILL NOT smell pretty

The list goes on…bruises, soaked clothes, you get the idea.  

The point is that if we aren’t prepared it can become embarrassing.  (Though honestly, as a figure skater it was totally commonplace to walk into a locker room, previously inhabited by hockey players who, shamelessly (as they should – they worked hard!) walked out leaving it smelling like a dirty sock!)  Smelled awful, totally expected…and we simply carried on.  We had spray in our bags, as well as deodorant, so we were on it. 

Today I ran across these (it’s actually the 5th but I am scheduling my post! 🙂 ) – exclusive to Ulta – and I was TERRIBLY EXCITED! 😀  

Pacifica photo

Pacifica photo

I have some BAN wipes, I think they’re called “Refresh,” which are actually nice.  I have plenty of different kind of towelettes – in my bag, with my gym gloves, in my toiletries, at home – because I’d rather feel clean, and scent-free, thankyouverymuch, than be unprepared and worried about it.

If it happens, it happens.  I am not saying I’m fond of it…just that I GET IT.  If you are active, it’s just part of Life…and it is NOTHING to be ashamed of.  You are working!

Pacifica’s Underarm Wipes are a GREAT idea, and I am thrilled to see someone FINALLY specifically target this concern.  It’s a REAL concern, and deserves to be addressed, darn it!

I’d use antiperspirant anyway (Secret Clinical is UH-MAZING!)…but when it wears off, if it does… Or maybe you flat-out forgot… These might be a great option!  

I was just in Ulta the other day, but I will be going back to check it out.  Really thrilled with Pacifica these days – way to go!  And it isn’t even a SPORT company.  That’s the best part!

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