Lucent Magique

I don’t know about you, but I LOOOVE looking to stores and brands overseas to see what everyone ELSE is getting in the marketplace!  Sometimes we (USA) will get spinoffs, or perhaps the same products later on…and vice versa.  So I have always loved to snoop because I’m curious about trends…and what goodies might come this way. 

I think the L’Oreal Magic Lucent line is gorgeous, and I would be MORE than delighted if some of these came to the USA…I heard the cushion *might* be?!  I am sure that droning on about my joy in seeing the Asian influence on cosmetics will be a hideous bore (since I go on about it ALL the time…!) 😉

I’ll be honest, I was SUPER disappointed in the Lumi line…the one highlighter I bought (in Ice) was like a sparklefest.  Now when I was competing in Ballroom, that would have been fine.  But NOT for daily wear for me.  Way too much.  

These *appear* to be sans shimmer (though I can’t say for certain.)

There are some photos of a young lady who has purchased and reviewed the product here... It looks pretty amazing on her, and I love the idea that these would be offered at mass market pricing…not like some of those that HAVE hit the USA, that can be found in Sephora (pretty penny more for those.)

And if you are UBER curious and have to have something, check out eBay (my favorite for tracking down such things! 🙂 ) I may indulge myself, but I’ll keep hoping in the meantime that some of it comes this way. *crossing fingers*

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